The Industrial Internet at your fingertips.

Today's engineers and operators expect today's functionality on the floor and in the field. QuickPanel+ incorporates the latest multi-touch technology with an intuitive interface to provide an exceptional user experience. The capacitive screen is built to last in an industrial environment, but it's as sensitive as a smartphone or tablet—even if the user is wearing gloves.

The wide-screen, high-resolution display provides vivid, clear images and enhanced process visualization. Viewing system-wide details—even on a 7” display—is easy with the new multi-touch capabilities. Double-tap or pinch to view your interface at up to 400% and then tap twice to return to the original size. Just swipe to navigate between interactive schematics.

Choose from 7”, 10”, 12” or 15” QuickPanel+ for secure, plug & play, connected visualization and control that delivers anytime, anywhere access to actionable data.


  • Control capability with GE and third party I/O
  • PC functionality without the IT headaches
  • Fully integrated view, control & data historian
  • Multi-touch for optimum responsiveness (even with gloves on)
  • Vivid images for more complete process visualization
  • Fully-functional browser with multimedia capability
  • Email & text alerts based on user-defined settings
  • Plug & play implementation in any application
  • Custom, web-enabled reports & graphs
  • Remote diagnostics & security
  • Powerful scripting options

All-in-One QuickPanel+

Accessing information and visualizing processes has never been easier. QuickPanel+ integrates process control, view and an option to run an embedded data historian with the latest touchscreen technology to provide the high performance, connectivity and user experience expected in today's increasingly connected world. It delivers precision, speed, and flexibility even in third party environment.