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Consumer Package Goods (CPG)

For Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers, market restructuring, realignment and oversupply have become commonplace. Companies are being forced to outsource to meet cyclical demands, reduce supply chain inefficiencies and enhance service to differentiate on more than price alone.

Industry Challenges:

  • Most markets are global in nature,
  • Production is outsourced for cost-savings
  • Need to offer more product varieties and packaging options
  • SKU counts increasing
  • Run sizes get smaller while SKU-mix increasing
  • New product launches

AutomaTech Solutions

AutomaTech's solutions help manage product and process consistency, quality and costs to balance customer satisfaction and business objectives.

  • Control material costs
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Adhere to customer commitments and schedules
  • Improve top-line revenues with better Supply Chain predictability, capacity management and Quality Management
  • Empower innovation by improving launches of new products
  • Improving the bottom line and Operational Reliability by reducing costs and improving quality and operational efficiencies

With today’s manufacturing challenges, partnering with a solution provider that offers a complete range of hardware, software and services can put you at a distinct advantage over your competition. AutomaTech is a sales representative/distributor that combines best-in-class product brands and product breadth with our service and support to provide our customers with the most comprehensive solutions available.