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The Sustainability Journey starts with Energy Management Solutions

If you are looking for ways to cut costs and decrease your carbon footprint while increasing your bottom line you are not alone!

You have probably already spent a lot of money on the following:

  • Changing to efficient lighting 
  • Putting in motion detectors
  • Installing VFDs on the motors
  • Recommissioning buildings, etc.

What can be done next?

We cannot improve what we do not measure. We all have various systems of various ages from various vendors. How can this data be used? AutomaTech can help.

AutomaTech provides several solutions for Utility Monitoring Solutions. The goal of our solutions is to gather information, visualize the data, analyze the data and provide consulting to improve performance of the equipment and lower the cost of the utilities. We can connect and communicate to various systems to centralize, historize, report, trend, alarm notification and analyze the data to improve the performance of the equipment.

We focus on Electric, Gas, Steam, Water and Air. We partner with consultants, integrators and vendors to provide the right expertise, products and solutions to give the client the best long term solution.

"The fiscal impact of not being smart = a 7% year to year rate increase of electricity which means your costs will double in 10 years."  Doing nothing will ensure your costs will go up.  Being smart means starting with monitoring and base lining then putting actions in place to improve.

Contact AutomaTech today and start reducing your energy costs.

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