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Life Sciences

With private and public healthcare organizations under ever increasing regulatory and market pressure, medical and pharmaceutical industries face incredible challenges to improve production and continue cutting costs. Regulatory compliance issues are of utmost importance to biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers they need the ability to monitor, track, control, validate and audit critical resources according to the stringent guidelines set by regulatory agencies.

Industry Challenges:

  • Shrinking product pipelines
  • Intense regulatory and financial pressures
  • Global plant consolidation
  • Generics competition
  • Need to increase plant efficiency and capacity without sacrificing quality
  • Lengthy batch review period
  • Increasing cost of manufacturing

AutomaTech Solutions

AutomaTech has the solutions to address your unique requirements, such as compliance documentation, validation, product quality, manufacturing cycle time and waste. We work with our customers so they can grow their business while eliminating errors in production and drive waste out of their system.

Increase Plant Availability:

  • Increase uptime
  • Shorten batch review period
  • Reduce manufacturing cycle time
  • Improve plant efficiency and capacity utilization
  • Find hidden capacity

Increase Productivity:

  • Increase yield and improve material usage
  • Improve operational visibility and production schedule execution
  • Integrate islands-of-information to reduce the cost of Manufacturing IT systems
  • Increase capacity and resource utilization
  • Reduce scrap rates and rework
  • Improve plant utilization

Improve Product Quality:

  • Drive First-Pass Yield (Right First Time)
  • Repeatable batch control and audit trail
  • Produce closer to specification
  • Flexibly adapt to ingredient changes

Improve Product Safety and Compliance:

  • Product genealogy and traceability
  • Plant wide monitoring, alarming, calculation and reporting of equipment efficiencies
  • Batch and blend audit and reporting
  • Compliance with S88 & S95


Compliance with S88 Standards, Open Control System, Maturity of Product Line, strength of both SCADA and Batch product Batch control system to control critical cleaning and sterilization process for the manufacture of ophthalmic solutions.

With today’s manufacturing challenges, partnering with a solution provider that offers a complete range of hardware, software and services can put you at a distinct advantage over your competition. AutomaTech is a sales representative/distributor that combines best-in-class product brands and product breadth with our service and support to provide our customers with the most comprehensive solutions available.