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You can now meet your time and cost budgets as well as your technical training requirements with Online Learning.

Each course is geared toward performance objectives to provide learners with practical conceptual knowledge, valuable skills and interactive assessments for immediate feedback.

All online modules are sent through your web browser and your progress is tracked - so you can leave and resume training per your schedule.

Operations Management Online Training


Introduction to Proficy            free of charge  1 hour
Getting Smart on ISA-95        free of charge  1 hour
Proficy Historian Quickstart: Administrator  1 hour
Proficy Historian Quickstart: Clients  1 hour

Automation Software Online Training


Introduction to Proficy     free of charge  1 hour
Proficy CIMPLICITY Introduction (v6.1) 16 Hours

Automation Hardware Online Training


Getting Smart on QuickPanel+       free of charge 1 Hour
Getting Smart on RXi Controllers      free of charge 1 hour
Industrial Networking with PROFINET        free of charge 1 Hour
Controllers Quickstart 1 - Projects & Targets  free of charge 1 Hour
Controllers Quickstart 2 - Controller Configuration 1 Hour
Controllers Quickstart 3 - Controller Logic Programming 1 Hour
Controllers Quickstart 4 - Controller Communications 1 Hour
Controllers Quickstart 5 - Controller Download 1 Hour
Controllers Quickstart 6 - Monitoring Applications 1 Hour
Programming Quickstart 1 - Ladder Diagram (LD) Programming 1 Hour