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FacilityConneX’s mission is to provide the industrial and commercial customers a world-class real time continuous monitoring system for any facility or service. With the evolution of the digital connected world, our customers will know when something is happening in real time – WE CALL IT “THE VOICE OF YOUR EQUIPMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS!

FacilityConneX started with the expertise and vision of AutomaTech. AutomaTech has been serving the Industrial Automation customers since 1995 providing industrial software and hardware solutions to the infrastructure, manufacturing, and OEM/Solution Provider with installations of hundreds of GE Historians and SCADA systems across thousands of devices and protocols.

The journey started when our customers asked us to help control costs and convert large historical data into actionable knowledge. Using continuous remote monitoring, visualizations, and analytics techniques from cutting edge technologies from GE, FacilityConneX was born. A secure industrial cloud solution, we connected the data sources from several customers proving that the use of mobility, detection, and advanced analytics provides early warning equipment faults, process improvements, and energy cost savings. The Industrial Internet is here! FacilityConneX provides it today!

Continuing on this journey has led us to extend this solution to not only serve our end customers, but also our OEM/Solution Provider – a solution we call OEMConneX. Imagine a smart machine using the knowledge of your expert in the form of analytics (FacilityConneX’s Reasoners) to provide optimization, efficiency, and advanced diagnostics that increases exponentially reliability and availability in your customer eyes.

We know our customer’s day job is busy. FacilityConneX designed into all of our products – FCXperience. FCXperience brings in-hours and partner experts to the table that work with your team to proactively go to action on comfort, maintenance, and energy/production detections. This provides the true goal of Continuous Monitoring and Detection – Continuous Return of Investment (ROI) — month after month. In addition, we offer services for consulting and analytic development. AutomaTech and our Partners can tailor the analytics based on the data collected into FaciltyConneX.