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Digitize your work processes with SOA-based industrial BPM

Industrial Business Process Management digitizes and streamlines your production – from your work instructions and SOPs to corrective action and HACCP monitoring. You can integrate your business and production processes across systems and departments for reliable, repeatable process execution.

Proficy Workflow, Powered by Proficy SOA, enables power users and domain experts to digitize manual and automated processes with one tool – and add value to your existing ERP, MES and HMI. You can capture process, traceability and quality data to close the loop for production improvement.

With Proficy Workflow, you can manage by exception, orchestrate production and achieve event-based, data-driven results. Built on the Proficy SOA platform, Proficy Workflow also is third-party extensible and enables composite solutions.

  • Achieve the power and results of BPM and SOA in your production operations
  • Digitize manual and automated processes with one tool – without custom code
  • Record execution data to close the loop on performance and improvement
  • Manage by Exception - Act quickly based on real-time events
  • Replicate workflows across your business using libraries and templates
  • Non-programmers quickly create automated processes that impact your business every day

Proficy Workfow Functions

  • Orchestrates high-level processes and manage the data between systems
  • Digitizes GMP Tasks
  • Digitizes SOPs and Work Instructions
  • HACCP Monitoring Procedures and Corrective Action
  • Alarm and Event Response, Corrective Action
  • Manual Assembly Error-Proofing
  • Plant Task Management
  • Decision Wizard
  • Line, Workcell, Machine Setup

Results of Digitizing

  • Lean your processes – improve, eliminate and automate steps
  • Automate information flow from Plant2Enterprise and Enterprise2Enterprise
  • Integrate people and their roles / functions
  • Customize to individuals’ work styles and decision making
  • Manage and audit your production processes more effectively and consistently

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