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Today’s industries are faced with many challenges:

  • Need to cut operating costs
  • Increased security concerns
  • Need to improve equipment utilization by reducing downtime
  • Regulatory pressures for environmental, public and employee safety, and quality operations
  • Massive turnover (and retirement) of experienced operators

With cameras and Longwatch video management software from IVC, camera video can now be treated as another piece of process data. Features included in IVC’s software packages allow you to deliver this video data quickly and in an intuitive format. The result is quicker, better informed decision making.

IVC’s video software provides a power platform that is capable of bringing video directly from the farthest reaches of your operations back to the control room. Because it offers the best network flexibility in the industry, your infrastructure investment is leveraged from the past, and protected for the future.

The Longwatch system capabilities are designed specifically for industrial applications:

  • Open architecture enabling a broad variety of cameras and networks
  • Distributed system architecture delivers system scalability and availability
  • Event-based and streaming video for quick notification and operating flexibility
  • And much more

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About IV&C

Industrial Video & Control is manufacturer of network video solutions for industrial installations. Based near Boston, Massachusetts, IVC is the global market leader in industrial network video, driving the integration of digital video with SCADA applications. IVC products and solutions focus on industrial surveillance and monitoring solutions for security, productivity, and safety applications. Our solutions are based on innovative, open technology platforms.

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