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XL Reporter - The Complete Reporting Solution

XLReporter provides a complete reporting solution generating and distributing Excel reports automatically or on-demand. It is powerful enough to produce extremely sophisticated reports, yet friendly enough for the beginner. The software performs workbook creation, worksheet updates from any data source, charting, automatic printouts and much more in one simple to use package.


XWeb Director - Complete Web Site Management

XWeb Director is the best way to automatically create and maintain a web site of web-enabled reports without any custom programming or learning of new technologies. This gives everyone in the organization easy access to any web enabled report. 


XLViewer - Secure and Contained Report Viewing

XLViewer provides a secure way for viewing Excel reports without the need to open Excel or access the workstation’s Desktop. The files available for viewing are configured so that users are restricted to only see the reports they are authorized to view. 


XMailer - The Complete Emailing Solution

XMailer is a delivery system that automatically distributes reports by email periodically or on an event. The software contains all the features you would expect from a good emailing program including: group mailings, address book access, carbon copies, attachments and configurable signatures. 


XFiler - The Complete File Management System

XFiler solves the mundane tasks associated with file maintenance and archiving. With a one-time setup, XFiler performs complete file management automatically, saving precious time and resources.



Report Manager - Sophisticated Reporting Made Easy

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use, stand alone reporting application that produces text and RTF based reports, Report Manager is for you! The software is completely stand-alone and requires NO third party software or relational database. It is easy to use, works in the background, flexible, fast and is designed specifically to work with the leading HMI software applications.


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