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GE Intelligent Platforms continually updates their support web site, check it out today:

Users can search the content by utilizing Natural Language Search (NLS) queries. In addition, users can Browse the content by utilizing optional filters and category selections.  

Knowledge Base
The GE Intelligent Platforms Knowledge Base provides access to technical information authored by GE Intelligent Platforms support engineers. This includes Articles, White Papers, Error Codes, Sample Code and Black Box Profiles.

Technical Documentation
Technical Documentation provides access to Manuals, Technical Data Sheets, Important Product Information (IPIs), eBooks, and Certifications and Approvals. 

Downloads provide access to product related files such as Software Improvement Modules (SIMs), Service Packs, and Firmware Upgrades. I/O Drivers, Developer Downloads, and Hardware Utilities can also be accessed.

Most files in this area require registration and login. In addition, some files may require a GlobalCare contract in order to access. Restricted files will be indicated by lock icon.

The GE Intelligent Platforms forum is moderated by GE Fanuc and is for users to exchange information about GE Intelligent Platforms products.