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Tempered Networks provides secure connectivity for business critical infrastructure, industrial control systems and the Industrial Internet of Things. Our products are the foundational components in a defense-in-depth security architecture to provide hardened, resilient networks.

The solution facilitates the provisioning and management of secure, private overlay networks by using our transparent, drop-in products that enables any organization to securely leverage trusted and untrusted networks, including wired, WiFi and cellular, and quickly scale their environments as needed.

Each secure overlay network can be delegated to different users, while the governance of the entire solution is centralized and retained by the administrator. Effectively, it provides enterprises with “Private Networks as a Service”.

Save time and money, while improving your security with Tempered Networks.

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About Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks’ business is focused on helping customers take advantage of Industrial IoT (IIoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) secure connectivity with a goal of increasing efficiency, reducing CapEx and OpEx, and creating new revenue opportunities. The adoption of M2M connectivity and communications over the Internet using IP-based networks is on the rise, but security has been an afterthought. The exponential growth of Internet-connected devices and systems–from water treatment plants to railway controls; energy plants to building control systems–have created more opportunities for bad actors to gain access to networks and sensitive information. The increased attack surface created by these critical assets leaves an organization exposed and vulnerable to cyber security threats. Bolted on, traditional security solutions have fallen short, which is why you read about cyber security hacks on a daily basis.

Tempered Networks takes a different approach. We are helping customers build ‘well tempered’ networks that are resilient, hardened, and simple. Our purpose-built, rugged security appliances ‘cloak’ your critical infrastructure and assets to meet the network integration and security challenges facing the converged industrial enterprise. Our solution enables you to quickly secure your critical assets and devices, while significantly reducing operating costs. Our commitment is to deliver a military-grade security and connectivity solution with the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership). We also realize that technology is only one element for a successful outcome. Tempered Networks’ deployment model bridges IT and OT (Operational Technology) imperatives by enabling delegated control of overlay networks, with centralized governance and oversight by IT. This model increases an organization’s profits, reduces TCO, and improves internal IT customer satisfaction.

Tempered Networks has a proven solution that is the best practice for critical infrastructure cybersecurity. Built for OT, embraced by IT, and vetted by Fortune 500 businesses.

Tempered Networks
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