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Specter Instruments WIN-911 Alarm Notification Software

Specter Instruments Win911 Alarm Notification Software supplies telephonic data acquisition and control software that will notify key personnel by phone or pager when an alarm occurs. The Win-411 software will allow the notified person to dial in, access information, and change set values over the phone.

WIN-911 is real-time Alarm Notification Software that works with your existing control software, HMI or SCADA system to monitor operations and notify personnel of problem conditions. WIN 911 can be used with pagers, cell phones, landline phones and most any wireless communications as well as Email notification. With WIN-911, your operators can concentrate on other tasks while your computer system does the monitoring.

Applications Include:

  • Water & Wastewater Facilities
  • Power Plants
  • Military Facilities
  • Automotive
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Building Management
  • Security
  • Oil & Gas Monitoring

WIN-911 can be used with:

  • Pagers
  • Cell phones
  • Landline phones
  • and most wireless communications
  • Support for Alphanumeric Pagers using TAP protocol
  • Numeric pagers are also supported.

Wireless & Email Notification

Now you can use your SMTP service over the Internet to relay alarm messages in text form to your wireless communications company. By using an “always on” connection to your network or internet, you will have the ability to send out alarms to Alphanumeric Pagers, Email Accounts, Wireless Phones, and Faxes.

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